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A Erasmus Plus program.
Network Meeting in Rome

The project CANON of TECHNICAL THEATRE HISTORY has created a network of organisations and professionals (teachers, researchers, experts and consultants) that serves several purposes. One of the goals is to connect educational institutions with cultural organisations and professionals that can share knowledge beyond the traditional teaching approaches at universities and higher education institutions, and to give students and teachers a more international perspective. Another goal is to connect professionals and institutions that are managing historical collections, archives, databases, and other related resources to share their knowledge.

This has been done through open source tools, through personal meetings and on-site visits to heritage organisations during the project, and also through online and offline events (symposia, conferences) with a wide range of professional audiences. These activities have had a direct impact on peer-to-peer learning, and creating personal links between professionals and organisations, and so guarantee that the network continues to expand after the project is finished.

The contact list in the Canonbase presents only publicly available contact details - there are many more private individuals in the network.