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Welcome to the CanonBase - part of the European Canon of Technical Theatre History project. The CanonBase maps and visualises the history of technical theatre in a new and different way. It contains sources, historical events, people, theatres, equipment, manufacturers, methods and collections, and links them to each other and to existing information sources. To enable the project, we have developed (and are still developing) a unique taxonomy. The information is presented in the form of maps, timelines, tree structures and word clouds, so we can see new relations and discover new connections.

There are many ways to explore the information in the CanonBase. You can search in the top bar, but also by navigating through a field of activity, a type of information or based on a country or geographical area. You can use the tables, tree structures or maps to click further into the content. (see cheat sheet) If you have (or are willing to learn!) the skills needed, you can also query the database.

All the other outcomes of the Canon project are also incorporated in the database, and you can reach them directly under Stories, Tools, Methodologies, and Network.

Every day, there is another day of history, so the CanonBase is – and always will be – a work in progress. Please give it a try, experiment, test and give us feedback!

If you want to help us add to or improve the content, you can contact us at: info [at] podiumtechnieken.be

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